3S03 Week 6 Performance Management (2011) Final

3S03 Week 6 Performance Management (2011) Final -...

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10/11/2011 1 Commerce 3S03 Management Skills Week 6 Performance Management __________________________________ DeGroote School of Business Carolyn Capretta 1 What is Performance Management? Choosing right people for the job Coaching Observing behaviour Comparing observed behaviour to standards/expectations Correcting behaviour Reassigning or terminating 2 Myths of Performance Management People are naturally good observers of behaviour Coaching is about personal style Performance management is mostly common sense Feedback is always effective Coaching is only for low performers 3 Coaching vs. Mentoring Mentoring intense, long-term relationship between a senior, more experienced person (mentor) and a more junior, less experienced person (protégé) Goal of mentor is focused solely on employee’s development Mentors are not necessarily the employee’s direct supervisor 4 Coaching vs. Mentoring Coaching Goal is helping people build capacity to develop and solve their own problems more effectively Expert coach vs. Consultative coach Focus on day to day performance or performance relevant to current job/position Coach is often direct supervisor Coach needs to be comfortable judging, suggesting changes 5 Principles of Management Managers must understand: 1. Management is the intervention of getting things done through others 2. Managers need their people more than those people need the manager 3. Managers get rewarded for what their employees do, not for what the mangers do That is, the managers job is to make his/her people successful! 6
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10/11/2011 2 Skill Building Activity Think about your SAP #1: Are team members acting as mentors or coaches? Why? 7 The Performance Management Cycle (PMC) 8 Selection is Prediction Selection targets: Future job performance Future person-organization fit 9 The Steps to a Great Hire Step 1: Clarify the job context Step 2: Establish a process Step 3: Decide the methods and Assess 10 Step 1: Clarify the Context Job analysis involves collecting information about what tasks and knowledge, skills, and abilities are required for the job Job Description Essential job duties and tasks Knowledge, skills, and abilities required Working conditions Educational requirements
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3S03 Week 6 Performance Management (2011) Final -...

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