Anthro Chapter 2 Notes

Anthro Chapter 2 Notes - Anthro Chapter 2 Notes Changing...

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Anthro Chapter 2 Notes Changing Research Methods in Cultural Anthro - Most anthropologists now gather data by doing fieldwork, going to the field, which is wherever people and cultures are - Lewis Henry Morgan o Mid- nineteenth century o Learning about people through direct observation - “ Father” of participant observation is Bronislaw Malinowski o adopted an innovative approach to learning about culture o “participant observation” was then established Doing Fieldwork in Anthro - can be exciting, frustrating, scary, boring, sometimes dangerous - before going into field, researcher must select a research topic and prepare for the fieldwork - cultural anthropologists often find a topic to research by carrying out a literature review or reading what others have written about the subject - some cultural anthropologists choose to study the cultural context of a particular item or commodity i.e. sugar - restudy is another idea for a research project – fieldwork conducted in a previously researched community - academic anthropologists can apply for grants from a variety of sources, governmental and nongovernmental - employment provides financial support for the research but it raises problems - many countries require that researches follow official guidelines for the protections of human subjects - written consent Is often not reasonable or desirable, especially in oral-based
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Anthro Chapter 2 Notes - Anthro Chapter 2 Notes Changing...

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