Prob.4 - @1 L,r-in-4oc Qt*r 2V*3-i'R 4oo 5h*7rn =ct = Lr,K...

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)rn 4. For the circuit below, use superposition principle to calculate i* and vr. 20V ZmA D 0s =o o/ tV svst7 -\ l) ir:l*,-0,,,=c, , (-t1i^
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Unformatted text preview: @1 L,,r-in'--#-4oc,+ Qt*r+2V* *3,,*.) -i'R 4oo+ 5h.*7rn, =ct = Lr,! /, ,K + : I j, c* z 4 Lrr k:1 l,L-;1. t lttL...
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