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MatE 153: HW 7: Solutions Reading Kasap: 8.1-8.8 Be sure to look over the reading review notes on D2L. This will help you prepare for the final. Total Points: 60 Points 1. Consider a long solenoid with a core that is an iron alloy (see Problem 8.1 for the relevant formulas). Suppose that the diameter of the solenoid is 2 cm and the length of the solenoid is 20 cm. The number of turns on the solenoid is 200. The current is increased until the core is magnetized to saturation at about I = 2 A and the saturated magnetic field is 1.5 T. a . What is the magnetic field intensity at the center of the solenoid and the applied magnetic field, μ o H , for saturation? (5 points) Applying Ampere’s law or H l = NI we have, () m 2 . 0 A 2 200 = = l NI H Since I = 2 A gives saturation, corresponding magnetizing field is H sat 2000 A/m Suppose the applied magnetic field is the magnetic field in the toroid core in the absence of material. Then B app = o H sat = 4 π × 10 7 Wb A -1 m -1 2000 A/m ( ) B app = 2.51 × 10 -3 T b . What is the saturation magnetization M sat of this iron alloy? (5 points) Apply sat sat sat H M B o + = A/m 2000 m A Wb 10 4 T 5 . 1 1 - 1 - 7 sat sat sat × = = H B M o M sat 1.19 × 10 6 A/m c . What is the total magnetization current on the surface of the magnetized iron alloy specimen?
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HW7_Fa11_solutions - MatE153:HW7:Solutions Reading Kasap:...

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