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Unformatted text preview: H N I COURSE IMPLEMENTATION PLAN 04.02e-BM/DH/HDCV/FU 1/2 1/27 (Under Decision No:348 FPT University dated on 25/8/2011) Course name: WORKING IN GROUPS Course code: SSG101 Level: Bachelor Implementation period: from Feb 27 to Apr 2 , 2012 Group leader /lecturer: HaiNM E-mail: Phone: 0979 555 186 1) Main objectives and goals of the course: as specified in Syllabus During this course, students will be able to: (1) Identify and apply basic group communication concepts in a variety of contexts : identify and explain components of the transactional communication process; identify and analyze the dialectic tensions that operate in groups; identify, explain and adapt to group developmental stages and their effects on member needs, group norms, and group roles; adapt to diverse group members by demonstrating an understanding and respect for member differences in personality, culture, gender, and age. (2) Demonstrate effective group interaction skills in a variety of contexts: demonstrate appropriate communication strategies and skills for managing communication apprehension and enhancing assertiveness; identify, interpret and/or apply appropriate nonverbal communication and language usage; demonstrate appropriate and effective types of listening; identify and apply appropriate conflict resolution strategies that enhance group cohesiveness and adapt to member differences. (3) Identify and apply group communication strategies and skills that facilitate the achievement of group goals in a variety of contexts: identify and apply group leadership theories, strategies, and skills; select appropriate procedures for structured and creative group problem solving; demonstrate the ability to argue effectively and cooperatively; demonstrate the ability to set appropriate goals and motivate members. (4) Identify and demonstrate essential group discussion strategies and skills in a variety of contexts: demonstrate the ability to plan and conduct effective meetings; demonstrate the ability to plan and present effective individual and team presentation; demonstrate the ability to plan and participate effectively in virtual group meetings and interactions. (5) Explain and apply the principles and practices of ethical communication in a variety of group contexts. Learning in the class will be facilitated through the use of vehicles such as textbook readings, class discussion, exercises/activities, cases, and lectures. 2) Course Textbook(s)/ Resources: a) Textbook: The following text is required for the course: 04.02e-BM/DH/HDCV/FU 1/2 2/27 Isa N.Engleberg and Dianna R.Wynn. (2010). Working in Groups: Communication Principles and Strategies (5 th Edition). Boston, MA: Pearson/Allyn & Bacon....
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