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Assignment2_MATH4321_12S - second chance if she does not...

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MATH 4321 Game Theory Spring 2012 Assignment 2 1. Problem II.5.9.1, II.5.9.4. 2. The Hidden pearl: There are two dark boxes. Player I hides a pearl in one of them. Then Player II, not knowing which box contains the pearl, peeks into one of them. If the pearl is in Box 1 and she looks there, she sees it with probability ½. If it is in Box 2 and she looks there, she see it with probability 1/3. But if she looks into the wrong box she sees nothing. The payoff is $5 to Player II and -$5 to Player I if Player II see the hidden pearl; otherwise there is no payment. Draw the Kuhn tree. 3. Draw the Kuhn tree if the game in #2 is modified to give Player II a
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Unformatted text preview: second chance if she does not see the pearl the first time. 4. Draw the game tree for the Votes by Veto game. Votes by veto: A winner from a set of four candidates {a, b, c, d} are being selected by a committee of { I, II, III}. The committee will select a winner by taking turn, starting with I, in vetoing one of the remaining candidates. Mission  : (Nimble) In the following strip, each square can contain at most one coin (denoted by d). On a player’s turn, he must pick a coin and shift it an arbitrary number of squares to the LEFT, without jumping over any other coin and without sliding off the strip. Who wins?     ...
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