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Assignment(1) - signals a x[n-4 b x[3-n c x[3n d x[n-2...

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Signals and Systems (EENG 320) Assignment (1) fig(1) fig(2) 1) A continuous-time signal x(t) is shown in fig(1). Sketch and label carefully each of the following signals: a. x(t-1) b. x(2-t) c. x(2t+1) d. x(4-t/2) e. [x(t) + x(-t)] u(t) f. x(t) [ δ (t+2/3) – δ (t-3/2)] 2) A discrete-time signal is shown in fig(2). Sketch and label carefully each of the following
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Unformatted text preview: signals: a. x[n-4] b. x[3-n] c. x[3n] d. x[n-2] δ [n-2] 3) Write MATLAB code to draw signals of problems 1.a, 1.b, 1.c. Hence, and without constructing the signals once again write a MATLAB code to draw the signals of problems 2.a, 2.b, 2.d....
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