Assessment_Assgn1 - SI515 (Autumn 2010) Assessment of...

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SI515 (Autumn 2010) Assessment of Solutions of Assignment 1 Common Mistakes/Flaws: C1: Quantitative Feature Values are NOT normalized. C2: How the training sample was selected ‘randomly’ from the given data is NOT Specified/justified. C3: Your own code and/or SAS/MatLab/R-software program_code (and/or output not attached. C4: Own code was written for NDA but no comparison was made with standard procedures available on SAS/MatLab/R-software. Individual group assessment: Sanhita+group: Good report. Flaws: C1+C2 and 1. Estimates of β ’s obtained using MatLab procedure but are you sure the algorithm used in this proc. indeed finds MLEs? (Error likely as Y in your case is not ‘ordinal’ in true sense. What if you had renumbered the clusters?) 2. How did LDA do multi-class classification? (Pair-wise trials?) ( Marks: 08 /10 ) ** Natarajan+ group: Comprehensive work and good report. Flaws: C1+C3 (outputs) and Mention of ‘dependent variable’ is wrong. Column no. 1 of the data was simply
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Assessment_Assgn1 - SI515 (Autumn 2010) Assessment of...

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