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mushroom01 - From Dry Mushroom to Fresh Mushroom October 4...

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From Dry Mushroom to Fresh Mushroom * October 4, 2010 Have you ever tasted fresh Shiitake mushrooms? My mother told me that my grandparents never tasted fresh Shiitake mushrooms. In my grandparents’ time, only dry Shiitake mushrooms were available. Shiitake mushrooms were gathered, preserved by dehydration and transported to consumers in the cities. Fresh Shiitake mushrooms were available only to those people living in the neighborhood of mushroom farms. Now, in addition to dry Shiitake mushrooms, fresh Shiitake mushrooms are readily available in Hong Kong. Some changes between our grandparents’ time and our time must have caused the change in the availability of fresh Shiitake mushrooms to us. In searching for explanations for this change in the type of mushroom consumption, I find that technology advancement plays an important role. To set the stage, let me assume that fresh Shiitake mushroom are valued the same today as in our grandparents’s years. In other words, the demand for fresh Shiitake mushroom has remained
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