♥Comparative Government & Politics Unit-19 Institutions and Forms of Government

♥Comparative Government & Politics Unit-19 Institutions and Forms of Government

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IJNIT 19 REPUBLICANISM Structure Objcotivcs Introduction Republicanism as an Antonym of Monarchy 19.2.1 Monarchy tls Form of Governnlent 19.2.2 Evils of Absolute Monarchy 19.2.3 Frotn Motiarcliy to Republica~listn Republicanism as a Fonn of Govcnuncnt 19.3.1 Kepublicaliis~n: Mcaning 19.3.2 Ilcpublican Form ot' C;ovcrtinlclit: Its Cliaractcristics 19.3.3 Iletnocracy tlnd licp~~blici~~lis~n: Compared Rcpublicanism: Strengtl~s and Weaknesses 19.4.1 Mcrits (11' licpl~hlicanism 19.4.2 Wcakncsscs of licpl~blici~tiis~ti Trcnds in Rcpublicanism Let Us Sum Up Key Words Some Usefill Books Ans\\:ers to Check Your Progress Esercises 19.0 OBJECTIVES Tl~c objccti\~c of this unit is to explain the concept of republica~~ism as a form of govcnuna~t. to state its chief characteristics. to distinguish it fronl monarchical s!.stan. rclatc it both to a thconv of govcn~n~ent impl!.ing popular n~lc and to a thcon of frccdo~n in~pl!.ing a s!stcnI of inalienable rights of the people. After study~ng. this unit. !.ou \\till be able to: csplai~~ tl~c meaning of republican govcrnmalt: distinguish it fronl monarchical. ,absolute and dictatorial regimes characteristic of arbitrary rule: relate it to a system of dcn~ocratic and popular ride; and assess its strength and weaknesses within the framework of liberal political theory. 19.1 INTRODUCTION Govcn~mcnt cllsurcs adl~~inistration and administration in~plies establislunent of systematic social relations of external life. Wllatevcr their fonns. govcrnn~ents tend to provide an ordered n~lc for their people. This is as n~uch tn~e about a monarchical s!stcm as is about tl~c democratic one. Even dictatorial regimes makc clainls of giving their pcoplc peace. order and administration. What distii~guishcs numerous fonns of go\~cmn~cnt is not the adlnii~istratiol~ they provide to their pcoplc \vhich. in fact. ellcry form of govenunent does, but the mamier in \\hich the!. arc constituted. tllc way thcy relate thcmselvcs to their internal structural i~~stitutions through \\.hich they hnction. the objectives they are supposed to achic\lc. and so on.
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Political thinkers and scholars ha\c sought to classi6 governments from time to j time. Fro111 Aristotb onward. nunarous classificatio~~s of govcn~n~cnt have conr our way. A passtng nlcnt~on of thcsc categories and classifications may not be i out of place: monarchy. aristocrat!: polit!.: monarch!. or tjqranny: aristocracy or oligarchy: pol it! or danocmc!.: monarchical (both absolute and constitutional) and republican: secular and theocratic: democratic and dictatorial. parliamentan. . presidential or a conlb~nation of t\vo: unitary. federal and confederal: liberal, liberal-democratic and socialist-Marxist. Each such form of govcnuncnt explains the way it administers the affairs of its respective pcople. The republican government. as one such form refers to a government based on the principles of popular rulc, n~ajoritarianism, sovcrcignty of the pcople. inalienable rights, limited government. constitutionalism. It is more than an opposite of the I monarchical system. tlloi~gll its origins suggest it so. Understood in the modern
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♥Comparative Government & Politics Unit-19 Institutions and Forms of Government

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