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â™&yen - UNIT 23 TRADE UNION MOVEMENT S tructure Objectives Introduction View Points of the Trade Union Tlleorists Behaviou ral

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UNIT 23 TRADE UNION MOVEMENT Structure Objectives Introduction View Points of the Trade Union Tlleorists Behaviou ral Theory 23.3.1 Critics of Bel~tlvioural Tlieory Anarchist Syndicalist Theory 23.4.1 Tlie Sytidic:llists Marsist Leninist Theory 23.5.1 Dil'lre~icc I3ct\\.ccn Atii~rcliis~ii and Marxism 3.2 Letiin on Trade IJl~io~i Movcniclit New Left Tllcories 23.6.1 I,c~ii~i's Criticism ol' Kc\,isioliists 23.6.2 'flic Nc\\ I,cll Specifics of Tradc Union Mo\~cmcnt in Dc\#cloping Countries Trade Union Mo\lcnicnt in Diffcrcnt Countries 23.8.1 Trade Union Movcnicnt in U.S.A 23.8.2 Trade Unior~ Movcmcnt in U.K. 23.8.3 Trade U~iiol~ Movement in Soci;~list St21tc 23.9 Trade Union Movenlent in India 23.10 Let Us Sum Up 23.11 Key Words 23.12 So~ne Usehl Books 23.13 Answers to Check Your Progress Escrciscs 23.0 OBJECTIVES Tlle objective of tliis unit is to give !.ou a bricf account of dc\lclopnicnt of tradc union movcmalt. different theories of tradc union movcmcnt and the fi~~ictio~iing of trade unions in different countries. Aficr going througli this unit !.OLI \\.ill be able to understand: Various theories of Tradc UII~OII Movcmcnt: Differences bet\\leen Liberal. Marsist and Allarchist Theories: Developnlent and Nature of Trade Unio~l Movc~ncnt in different countries: &and Origin and Develop~~~c~it of Trade Union Movenlc~lt in India Human Social life depends on h~~man work. Tlic nature of \vork clla~lgcs fro111 time to time and place to place. Thcrc arc different catcgoricq of workers and plethora of relationships. In the ~iiodcni times. \\.ith tllc dc\:clopmcnt of industries a category of workers 'is called industrial \\.orkcr. \vhich constitl~tcs bulk of working class. Tllc scliolars ha\rc' dcvclopcd man!* theories and tlicrc arc contro\~crsies relating to the co~lccpt of class. Wliat co~istitutcs 'Working Class' there are various tlicorics for that. Ho\vc\,cr. \vlicnc\~cr the tcrlli '\vorking class' is used, it galerally incans tllosc pcoplc \\.I10 car11 tlicir livclillood b!. sclli~ig tllcir / labour. This is also assumed that there arc so~ilc \\.Ilo bu!. their labour. Thc
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Social hluvcme~~ts working class can enhance their bargaining power by joining hands witli each other. Their corning together is called trade i~nionism. A cursory look at tlie developrne~lt of trade unionism in modern times brings out tlie fact tliat, the trade uriiori movement, industrial working class arid capitalism emerged on tlie world scene simultaneously. The working class could assert itself against tlie mighty capitalist class, helped by tlie state, only when it organised itself. True, tlie capitalist class never welcomed the unionisation of tlie workers. Therefore, in the beginning unionisation of workers had to face tlie liostility of tlie capitalists. They tried to crush any sort of organisation of workers. The interest of tlie capitalist class could be served best by bargaining with an individual worker, rather than witli tlie collective organisation of workers, while workers experience taught them tliat tliey coi~ld not withstand tlie power of tlie capitalists alone and therefore have to bargain collectively.
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â™&yen - UNIT 23 TRADE UNION MOVEMENT S tructure Objectives Introduction View Points of the Trade Union Tlleorists Behaviou ral

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