♥Political Ideas and Ideologies Unit-4 What is Political Theory and Why do We Need It

♥Political Ideas and Ideologies Unit-4 What is Political Theory and Why do We Need It

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45 Conceptions of Political Theory UNIT 4 CONCEPTIONS OF POLITICAL THEORY Structure 4.0 Objectives 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Development of Political Theory 4.3 Towards a Definition of Political Theory 4.4 Dominant Conceptions in Political Theory 4.4.1 Historical Conception 4.4.2 Normative Conception 4.4.3 Empirical Conception 4.4.4 Contemporary Conception 4.5 Let Us Sum Up 4.6 Some Useful References 4.7 Answers to Check Your Progress Exercises 4.0 OBJECTIVES This Unit deals with the various conceptions of political theory. After going through the unit, you should be able to: Discuss efforts to define political theory; Discuss various conceptions of political theory; and Give an overview of the recent effort at political theorisation. 4.1 INTRODUCTION The main objective of this unit is to explicate different conceptions which are found in political theory. At the very outset, it should be mentioned that political theory is that enterprise which seeks to analyse political phenomena of various shades and descriptions which occur in real-world political life. In other words, political theory does effect the world in which we live and influences the choices we make therein. It helps us in improving and refining our understanding about social and political life. It is a different matter that there is a misconception about political theory in general, and the political theorist in particular, which imagines a political theorist as secluded and isolated entity who is least bothered about the problems of real life and lives in an imaginary world of his own from where he or she churns out theories about society and politics. But the fact is otherwise. Political theory is always situated in the actual world about which it speaks, to which it addresses itself and the problem it seeks to resolve. Society is the runway from where the flight of its imagination takes off. Therefore, activists, indulging in public – political life make significant contributions to political theory as trained political scientists. Political theory, as a vocation is as important as political theory as a profession and the testimony that such a vocation has not only existed, but has also enriched the corpus of knowledge can be had from the long line of writers from Plato to Marx. Political theory as a vocation “sharpens our sense about complex interplay between political experience and thought” and “provides thoughtful political action and widens political vision” as Sheldon Wolin has pointed out in his book Politics and Vision .
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46 What is Political Theory and Why Do We Need It? 4.2 DEVELOPMENT OF POLITICAL THEORY Developments in political theory always reflect the changes which occur in society.
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♥Political Ideas and Ideologies Unit-4 What is Political Theory and Why do We Need It

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