unit-25 Social and Political Movements

unit-25 Social and Political Movements - 1 UNIT 25 DALITS...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 _________________________________________________________________ UNIT 25 DALITS _______________________________________________________________________________ Structure 25.0 Objectives 25.1 Introduction 25.2 Who is a dalit and what is a dalit Movement? 25.3 Dalit Movement in India 25.3.1 Dalit Movement in the Colonial Period 25.3.2 Dalit Movement in the Post – colonial Period 25.3.3 Causes of dalit Movement 25.4 Let Us Sum Up 25.5 Key Words 25.6 Some Useful Books 25.7 Answers to Check Your Progress Exercise _________________________________________________________________ 25.0 OBJECTIVES _________________________________________________________________ After reading this unit, you will be able to: • Understand the meaning of dalit movement in India; • To identify the issues/problems involved in the dalit movement; • To know various forms of dalit movement; • To know phases through which the dalit movement has passed; and • Analyse the role of dalits and their organisations in the electoral politics. _________________________________________________________________ 25.1 INTRODUCTION _______________________________________________________________________________ Last few decades have seen a spate of dalit movement in various parts of the country. This is reflected in their social, cultural and political activities at various levels, i.e., state, local and all India. A large number of social and cultural organisations of dalits, their political parties and leaders have emerged in various 2 parts of the country. Though in most parts of the country they are not able to assert themselves, yet in the areas where favourable situation exists dalits are asserting themselves. They have become a decisive force in the social and political processes of the country. The contemporary dalit movement is taking place along with the social and political movements of various other social groups like women, tribals, environmentalists, workers and peasants. _________________________________________________________________ 25.2 WHO IS A DALIT AND WHAT IS A DALIT MOVEMENT? _________________________________________________________________ Dalits are those groups of people who have faced social discrimination including the untouchability. They largely belong to the economically disadvantaged groups of our society. They are placed in the Scheduled Caste categories in our constitution. The category of dalits was first used by Jyotiba Phule in the nineteenth century. It was first popularly used by the Dalit Panther in the 1970s. But it has come in currency quite recently – from the 1980s onwards. It has almost replaced the category of harijans used for the dalits or Scheduled Castes....
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unit-25 Social and Political Movements - 1 UNIT 25 DALITS...

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