unit-24 Social and Political Movements

unit-24 Social and Political Movements - 1 Unit 24: WOMEN

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Unit 24: WOMEN --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- STRUCTURE 24.0 Objectives 24.1 Introduction 24.2 Reforms for women in the 19 th and early 20 th centuries 24.2.1 Against “Sati” 24.2.2 Widow remarriage 24.2.3 Rehabilitation of the prostitutes 24.2.4 Arya Samaj 24.2.5 Prohibition of Child Marriage 24.3 Education for Women and Women Emerging with Identity 24.3.1 Women in Literature and Literature by women 24.3.2 Women for Rights 24.3.3 Women for Women 24.3.4 Women in Nationalist Struggle 24.3.5 Women for Equality 24.4 Women’s Independent Political Identity 24.4.1 Discrimination against women in politics 24.4.2 Women’s initiatives in politics 24.4.3 Women “terrorists” 24.5 Major Issues confronting women’s unity or united movement 24.5.1 Communalism and Casteism 24.5.2 Daily encounters with oppression (i) against alcohol (ii) against dowry (iii) against sexual abuse 24.5.3 Environment and livelihood 24.6 Women in politics or politics ‘by’ women 24.6.1 Telengana movement 24.6.2 Bodh Gaya movement 24.6.3 Dalit women’s movement 24.6.4 Adivasi women’s movement 24.6.5 Movement through literature, theatre ad other forms of expression 24.7 Key words 24.8 Some useful books 24.9 Answers to check your progress exercises 24.0 OBJECTIVES The Unit deals with the role and contribution of women in the various social and political movements in India. After going through this unit, you will be able to know: 1 2 • The historical background of women’s movement in India. • Major issues confronting women’s unity; and • Role of the women in Politics. 24.1 INTRODUCTION It will be easier to understand the role of women in the social and political movements of India if we divide the study into the following categories First, we shall try to have a panoramic view of the role of women in the 19 th and the 20 th centuries, i.e. in the pre and post- colonial era. We shall next, look into these movements from two broad angles, viz, (i) “for” women and (ii) “by” women. (i) The period of reforms and nationalist struggle can be categorised as “for” women since all the benefits and opportunities for advancement were fought for and gifted by social reformers who, inevitably, were men. Women had eager and sincere participation in India’s struggle for freedom, but the leadership was in the hands of men only. Yet, this period is extremely significant as the “beginning of freedom” for women. (ii) In the post-independence period women concentrated on their own freedom. The foundation for this movement had been laid in the anti-British Raj days when women had started discovering their identity through literature and their activities as “terrorists”....
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unit-24 Social and Political Movements - 1 Unit 24: WOMEN

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