unit-13 Institutional Framework

unit-13 Institutional Framework - 1 UNIT 13 BUREAUCRACY IN...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 _______________________________________________________________________ UNIT 13 BUREAUCRACY IN INDIA ________________________________________________________________________ Structure 13.0 Objectives 13.1 Introduction 13.2 Meaning and Concept 13.3 Features 13.3.1 Hierarchy 13.3.2 Chain of Command 13.3.3 Adherence to Rules and Regulations 13.3.4 Impersonal/Faceless and apolitical 13.4 History 13.4.1 India’s Independence and Bureaucracy 13.5 Statutory Bodies for Recruitment and Other Related Matters 13.5.1 The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) 13.5.2 Special Provisions for Deprived Sections 13.5.3 Controversy Over the Policy of Reservation 13.5.4 State Public Service Commissions (SPSCs) 13.6 Post-Independence Bureaucracy Up to the Commencement of Globalisation 13.6.1 1967 State Assembly Elections: A Watershed 13.6.2 Churning Within the Congress Party 13.6.3 The Idea of a Committed Bureaucracy 13.6.4 Bureaucrat-Politician-Businessmen Nexus 13.7 Indian Bureaucracy in the Era of Globalisation 13.7.1 Attitude of the Indian Bureaucracy 13.8 Some Controversies/Problems Associated with the Bureaucracy 13.8.1 Ministers Versus Civil Servants 13.8.2 Generalists Versus Spets 13.8.3 Under-Representations of the Minorities 13.9 Let Us Sum Up 13.10 Some Useful References 13.11 Answers to Check Your Progress Exercises 13.0 OBJECTIVES ________________________________________________________________________ This unit deals with bureaucracy, particularly with reference to India. After going through this unit you will be able to: • Explain the meaning of bureaucracy and discuss its salient features; • Trace the evolution of bureaucracy in India; • Discuss the composition, nature and functioning of statutory bodies of bureaucratic recruitment such as Union Public Service Commission (UPSC); • Describe the nature and functioning of bureaucracy in the post-Independence India up to the commencement of globalisation; and, • Discuss the impact of globalisation on bureaucracy. 2 ________________________________________________________________________ 13.1 INTRODUCTION ______________________________________________________________________ Bureaucracy is the executive arm of the government. In traditional classical literature on organs of government, one studied the legislature, the executive and the judiciary with bureaucracy being subsumed under the executive (which comprises the political establishment and the bureaucracy). Now, one finds that bureaucracy is being treated separately and this is indicative of its growing importance. In this unit, we shall be focussing on bureaucracy with special reference to India. ________________________________________________________________________ 13.2 MEANING AND CONCEPT ________________________________________________________________________ Most of you must be familiar with the word ‘bureau’ which means office. Bureaucracy takes off from this only. In essence, bureaucracy is an organised body of persons who...
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unit-13 Institutional Framework - 1 UNIT 13 BUREAUCRACY IN...

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