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Quiz10_F10 - c(3 Assuming that the government imposes a $1...

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3550 Quiz 10 F10 Last Name: ___ First Name: Suppose Domestic Demand: Pd=12- 1 12 Q Domestic Supply: Ps=1+ 1 10 Q a. (2) Assuming NO international trade , find P & Q. b. (3) Assuming free trade , Pw=$5, find P, Q, and amounts of exports (or Imports) if any.
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Unformatted text preview: c. (3) Assuming that the government imposes a $1 tariff on pens, find P, Q, and Exports (or Imports) if any. d. (2) Calculate the deadweight loss caused by the $1 tariff. (Or, illustrate the area.)...
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