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BS 110 Final Exam study guide - BS110 study guide for final...

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BS110 study guide for final exam 12/15/09 Page 1 of 3 Pandolfi – Fall, 2009 For the exam on Wednesday, 12/15/09, you should be able to answer the following questions and perform the stated tasks. A. 1. What properties are shared by all living organisms? 2. Understand the hierarchical relationships of life – i.e., how are atoms related to molecules? How are populations related to communities? 3. Know the steps of the scientific method, and be able to recognize a reasonable hypothesis, and a logical experiment for testing the hypothesis, for a given scenario. 4. Be able to interpret a graph representing data that are provided for you. 5. Understand the relationships between a chromosome, a gene, and DNA. 6. Know the structure of a chromosome, a nucleotide, and a molecule of DNA. 7. What is the end result of DNA replication? Given a segment of DNA you should be able to recognize the replicate. 8. Be able to recognize a chromosome as being in replicated or unreplicated format, and understand when each would be found within a cell. As such you should be able to differentiate a G1 karyotype and a G2 karyotype. 9. Understand the difference between homologous chromosomes and sister chromatids, and between haploid and diploid cells. 10. 11. Be able to discern the n , ploidy, and sex of an organism based on its karyotype. 12. Describe the major events of interphase. 13. Explain the primary differences between mitosis, meiosis I, and meiosis II; focus especially on the input (what do we start with) and output (what do we end up with), and the ways in which chromosomes align during metaphase. You should also understand the functional differences between mitosis and meiosis – why does each process occur? 14. Outline the life cycle of a sexual organism (in other words, what are the interrelationships between mitosis and meiosis in a sexual organism?) 15. Explain Mendel’s two laws and their relevance in terms of meiosis and genetics.
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BS 110 Final Exam study guide - BS110 study guide for final...

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