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Andra Stanley March 14, 2006 HPS0437, Recitation Tues. 3-3:50 Young Chpt. 6 Thomas Huxley was a great supporter of Darwin’s; he saw evolution as a solution to the species problem. Within ten years of its introduction, evolution was widely accepted. One dissenter, however, was Louis Agassiz, who believed each species was created in and for the location it was found. However, this belief could be refuted by the fact that some species that were introduced into new environments flourished. Alfred Wallace was able to use the theory of evolution to explain animal distribution throughout the world. However, François Pictet could not accept evolution on a large scale at first, but later came to see the symbolism between the fossil record and the development of the embryo as proof for Darwin’s theory. Archaeopteryx was a fossil that linked birds and reptiles on the evolutionary chain. The existence of reptile-like birds and bird-like reptiles showed an evolutionary transition from one class of vertebrates to another. Ernst Haeckel enlarged this idea into
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