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Math 55 - Homework 2 Due Thursday, June 30, 2011 Directions: You should work on these problems and write up solutions in groups of two . Your answer should be clear enough that it explains to someone who does not already understand the answer why it works. (This is different than just convincing the grader that you understand.) 1. From section 1.7, do problem 9. 2. From section 2.1, do problem 38. 3. From section 2.2, do problems 45. 4. From section 2.3, do problems 30 and 31. 5. You are given a piece of chocolate n inches wide and m inches long, perforated in inch by inch squares. You want to break it into nm pieces so you can share it with your nm closests friends. In one step, you can break any piece you have made in two along a straight line. You may not stack pieces, or otherwise break more than one at a time. What is the fewest steps needed to break the bar into nm pieces? Prove that your answer is optimal. 6. One of the most feared pirate ships on the seas has some strange traditions. Firstly,
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