Darwinism Recitation Paper Week 2

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Andra Stanley Jan. 24 th , 2006 Young Ch.3 Rec. Tues. 3-3:50 Carl Linnaeus believed the Creator must have designed the world to follow a meaningful order, and Linnaeus developed a technique to catalog and describe this order in System of Nature . Instead of using logical division, Linnaeus used an inclusive hierarchy to classify species, including class, order, genus, and species under each kingdom. Linnaeus was also the first to denominate each species by two Latin names, one of the genus and the second of the species, known as binomial nomenclature. He also surmised that each species eventually went back to a single set of parents. Linnaeus also studied the ecological relationships between species. He thought that each species is adapted to satisfy a role in the natural cycle of existence in order to maintain balance. He understood that each species is tailored to their own environmental conditions. He used the story of the great flood to explain creation, where all living things originated on a mountain island surround by an ocean. George Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon, cultivated a tradition of studying
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