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Fashion Institute of Technology FM 225 Fashion Merchandising Merchandising Assignment I Created by : Catherine Geib GROUP BUSINESS __________________ GROUP MEMBERS:___________________ Department and Classification Planning Assignment The purpose of this assignment is to pick a category of business typical to a department or specialty store as a team. For homework (WK3) each team member will pick out 10-15 styles that best represent the business chosen. They will bring to class wk 4 and create a assortment that can be categorized cohesively into a current merchandise department . Each business created will represent a business typical to a department or specialty store. As a team you will pick the 5 most important classifications to represent your department. Note: There will be items in your assortment that do not fit into the classifications picked. It will be your job to eliminate these styles and to pass it on to another Department. category of business and the store you choose.
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