Darwinism Recitation Paper Week 7

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Andra Stanley HPS 0437 Rec. Tuesday, 3-3:50; Sytsma 2/28/06; Gale (CW) Charles Darwin wrote, in the Origin of Species , that he intended his “struggle for existence” to be used only metaphorically. However, this “struggle” he describes seems more like dependency than an actual struggle. Darwin also conveys this struggle through his choice of language and the images he depicts. All this creates uncertainty to readers, some of whom tend to take the struggle literally. The concept of the struggle for existence was recognized before Darwin. However, the struggle was seen as the exception, not the rule. This struggle was also seen as the counterbalance to all the good in nature, to sustain equilibrium. Natural theology promoted perfect adaptability, which seemed to explain or alleviate the misery found in nature. The need for good to prevail in nature was a reflection of one’s need to believe in a benevolent Creator. Another point of view was that this destruction in the struggle for existence did not affect the overall species, which prevailed in the end. Darwin was working with a different “cosmological framework” than the other
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