Experiment #3

Experiment #3 - ptDiscussion: The purpose of this...

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ptDiscussion: The purpose of this experiment was to observe and test the validity of redox reactions, in this specific case the oxidation of Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) by iodine. Observing the oxidation of the ascorbic acid, then calculating the mass of ascorbic acid and comparing it to the weighed value to see if they were about the same tested this validity. In part one of this experiment two separate amounts of ascorbic acid were weighed out, both weighing .402g and .402g. The ascorbic acid was then mixed into a solution of 50ml DI water, 5 ml 1M HCL, 1g of KI, and 3 ml of 1% starch solution. This solution was then titrated with KIO 3 until the color changed to a dark purple, which signaled that all the ascorbic acid had been consumed. The cause of this color change comes from when the I 2 in the solution becomes in excess and begins to react with the I- to produce I 3 -. The I 3 - then reacts with the starch to produce the color change. From the titration the calculated masses of ascorbic acid were .439g and .513g respectively.
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Experiment #3 - ptDiscussion: The purpose of this...

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