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Nathan Pike Wensday 6PM Bethany Wigington Experiment #6 Introduction: The purpose of this lab is to determine the concentrations of the ions in the reaction between Fe 3+ and SCN - to produced Fe(SCN) 2+ . This will be accomplished by use of a spectrometer. Also, the equilibrium constant of this reaction will be determined. Fe 3+ (aq) + SCN - (aq) Fe(SCN) 2+ E k = [Fe(SCN) 2+ ]/[Fe 3+ ][SCN - ] Discussion: The concentrations of Fe(SCN) 2+ , Fe 3+, , and SCN - , were determined through use of a spectrometer. This is an accurate analytical way of measuring concentration because the amount of light from the spectrometer that was absorbed by the solution depends directly on the absorbing molecules in the solution. Having found the absorbance the concentration can then be calculated by use of the equation c= A/εb. The average K value for solutions B1-B5 (excluding B3) was 473.445. The average deviation from average K was 22.0395. Most of the k values directly varied with
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