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HUM130Capstone - society today like to judge one another If...

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HUM/130 Capstone I feel that this class has influenced the way I think about religion in many ways. In no mean does it change my personal beliefs. However, it makes me appreciate others’ way of life. This class has taught me way people of other religions do their rituals. I also feel it has given me a great history of how each religion was formed. The class has also taught me that certain religions were formed based on their own interpretation of the Bible or other spiritual reading. I feel it is very important to learn and understand other people’s beliefs and attitudes. I believe the more we know about one another the happier we can live as a society. If we understand the beliefs of any religions and cultures we can step in one another’s shoes. People in
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Unformatted text preview: society today like to judge one another. If we were more informed and educated we could “get” each other more. If we can accept one another the way we are I feel there would be less violence all over the world. I will use the information in this class personally and professionally. I am getting in to the healthcare field, it is important to understand how people of all religions live their daily lives. When patients are in my facility I will have to ensure they can live their normal lives and eat the foods their beliefs allow. This class will allow me to judge people less in my personal life. I have an understanding of the many religions discussed and I feel I can accommodate their needs personally....
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