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Checkpoint Incident 1-1: Promotion Into Supervision I think Roy would be a great supervisor. Roy has many qualities that would make him a great choice. He steps up and makes positive things happen for the company. For instance, getting a union in the place of employment is important to ensure all staff is treated fairly. His co-workers respect him, he is a positive role model for other staff, and he has been voted president of their union three different times. He also has a great attitude and is nice but firm with staff. I think Bill Lindsay made an excellent point. Every supervisor needs to know how to
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Unformatted text preview: handle people. It is important because as a supervisor you make decisions that affect every employee that is under you. If you are unable to handle someone not being pleased or that has special request your staff will be unaccepting of your authority. I think Roy‘s employees would be very pleased. They all respect and approve of the job he currently does. He would make a great supervisor. I think the other staff would be accepting of the decision. I think if it was up to the other staff members, he would be voted right into the supervisor position....
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