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incident2-2 - solution the staff came up with was...

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CheckPoint Incident 2-2: Bad Times at Quality Shoe After reviewing the scenario, I feel that Mack’s approach of allow his staff to talk about and come up with their own solution is a very smart idea. I feel he has created a creative environment for his staff to discuss the problem at hand. The scenario involves the staff as a whole and I like the idea of them having a part in the decision making process. I think if I were in Ralph’s shoes, I would come up with around three solutions to the problem. I would outline the solutions clearly for my staff to discuss amongst themselves. I would think of every solution possible. After the staff had discussed the solutions I would take a vote. If the
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Unformatted text preview: solution the staff came up with was reasonable I would implement it. I feel it is important to allow the staff to have a part in the decision making process since everyone is involved in the cuts. In the case that the group’s decision is unreasonable, I think if I were Mack I would look at every option. I would consider layoffs, cutting hours, and possible early retirees. After I came up with two to three reasonable solutions I would allow the staff to vote. I feel that when the staff is so largely effected by the problem they too should have a say in the solution process. After the staff votes it would show which idea they think is fair to implement....
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