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1. If I were Ed Jackson I would answer by telling her that the plan should include every detail on how her team plans to accomplish their goals. She needs to list out the goals and the specific ways to fulfill the goal. 2. If I were Kim I would set it up by naming the goal and list the different ways I plan to accomplish that particular goal For example: Goal: Sell 200 Printers Plan: Get ads out Know the information on the floor to sell the products. And so on. . I would gather all the information that I need to provide accurate plan. I would go back over the papers from the
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Unformatted text preview: meeting the prior month. I would also research other methods to provide the formal plan to my boss. 3. I do not think Kim’s initial reaction was unusual. I think the job of supervisor can become overwhelming. When one is approach with a new aspect of their job they are responsible for it can be challenging to figure out just what the boss really expects from you. Until one has done it they just do not know what to expect and that can be extremely stressful....
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