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Jesus and Mohammed - Jesus and Mohammed 1 Jesus and...

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Jesus and Mohammed 1 Jesus and Mohammed Melissa Ziepfel Axia College University of Phoenix HUM 130
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Jesus and Mohammed 2 Jesus and Mohammed Jesus and Mohammed are both significantly recognized among Christianity and the Islamic faith. Jesus, the son of God was born from the Virgin Mary to spread the word of God. He was also sentenced to death on the cross for the sins of his believers. Those who ask for forgiveness for their sins are believed to be forgiven and accepted into heaven for a blissful eternity. Mohammed who is the messenger of God was selected to spread his word and compassion in hopes of converting the non-believers. For both Jesus and Mohammed there were many who did not believe Jesus and Mohammed were the Messiah and a prophet. Jesus was sentenced to death and Mohammed was persecuted out of Mecca. Even though both Jesus and Mohammed were killed both are a monumental key in each faith. Even though they are important to their faith they lived different lives and deaths and each had their own impression and impact on their specific faith. The Bible states that the angel Gabriel informed Joseph and Mary that she was selected to give birth to the son of God. This is often referred to as the Immaculate Conception since at the time Mary was chosen to bear the son of God she was a virgin. The son she brought into being is known as Jesus Christ. Jesus was born in a manger in the town of Bethlehem, also known as the homeland of King David. Now much of Jesus’ early and teenage life remains a mystery. There is documentation that around the age of 12 Jesus was left behind by his parents as they journeyed to Nazareth.
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Jesus and Mohammed - Jesus and Mohammed 1 Jesus and...

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