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2 - because a lower energy state is favored The change in...

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products, but at the same rate that the products decompose to re-form the reactants. 17.4 If K is very large, the reaction goes nearly to completion. A large value of K means that the numerator is much larger than the denominator in the K expression. A large numerator, relative to the denominator, indicates that most of the reactants have reacted to become products. One cannot say with certainty whether the value of K for the phosphorus plus oxygen reaction is large or small (although it likely is large). However, it is certain that the reaction proceeds very fast. 17.5 The reaction is exothermic because the energy of the reactants is greater than the energy of products. The products would be favored and be present at equilibrium at higher concentrations than the reactants
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Unformatted text preview: because a lower energy state is favored. The change in energy looks large on the graph so the product concentrations are much larger than the reactant concentrations and K is large. 17.6 No, the value of Q is determined by the mass action expression with arbitrary concentrations for products and reactants. Thus, its value is not constant. 17.7 The equilibrium constant expression is K = [O2]. If the temperature remains constant, K remains constant. If the initial amount of Li2O2 present was sufficient to reach equilibrium, the amount of O2 obtained will be constant, regardless of how much Li2O2(s) is present. 17.8 On the graph, the concentration of HI increases at twice the rate that H2 decreases because the stoichiometric ratio in the balanced equation is 1 H2 : 2 HI....
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