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I personally do not think that the fact that masculinity is a driving force behind many regulations of specific sports is an issue; I believe masculinity being sought out to be “superior” is an issue. “Are we ‘made’ by the society in which we live, or do we in fact ‘make it’?” (January 10 Slides) Society is what makes masculinity to have an image of superiority, strength, and success contrary to the views and conduct of femininity. Femininity is already type casted as emotional, care taking, and inferior seen in today’s slides. Because of our modern day cultural norms, the roles of masculinity is almost expected when a young boy is born, his role is to generally support himself and a family with a wife to take care of the kids and potentially have a part time job. Although this is a cultural norm, I do not find this to be norm. I think males and females in life are equal with jobs, life roles, and their expectancies with families or in a relationship. But when it comes to sports, I am a firm believer that masculinity is hyped up to be what it is because
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