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Jan 11 - I think this question alone is an empowerment for...

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I think this question alone is an empowerment for woman. From middle school until adulthood (and beyond adulthood) there has always been an unspoken/spoken competition between males and females/ girls and boys. When I was in middle school and there were captains to pick teammates for a game of dodge ball, who was picked first? The boys, and then the last choices were typically the girls. But why? As we read in the slide, there is a myth of female physical weakness and inferiority that is developed by societies culture; “Commercial culture contributes to generalizing femininity.” This type casting of males being superior to females (as seen in yesterday’s discussion) is a common thought at any age but in the slides we also read statistics on the difference in 2 nd grade boys throwing a baseball versus girls and the result was that the boys successful throws with their dominant hand was because of cultural practice and not at all the sex difference. This proves that when it is time to pick dodge ball teams, girls are just as
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