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I wish I was able to access the video clips so I can see what the other people’s responses were about but regarding todays topic; I think there is no reason as to why people and issues in sports and physical activity are discussed in racialized terms. I think cultures are just following the social/ethnic norm. What ever a culture displays or promotes as a norm such as Hispanics and basketball, baseball, or boxing; then the whole culture group sticks to what they know. Kind of like the saying if it isn’t broken don’t fix it; if an individual or group finds something that works why tamper with it? I believe that is why specific racial groups stick to specific sports and physical activity. I think there are positive and negative consequences to this sporting racialization. The positive views can be that a specific culture is sought to be the best in a specific sporting field therefore future individuals working and training for that field have an easier time than others. Like the Hispanic example seen in our slides; Latinos are
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