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Jan 18th - From the slides I believe that our communities...

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From the slides, I believe that our communities and country has cultural dimension: A group of people sharing common cultural practices, values, and/or identities. Like I said in one of my posts yesterday, America is like a melting pot filled with so many different personas and interests that it is almost expected to have individuals want to do things on their own (Geseellschaft) and in groups (Gemeinschaft). As we have seen throughout this whole course, sports is a major part of economics, politics, technology, and culture; and within these subgroups there are subsports, and other subcategories. When people attend major sports such as football we see people arriving early to tailgate, large groups of friends sitting together in the stands, or people having gatherings in their home to watch the game and chow down on some Football Sunday food! These rituals which entail numerous peoples uniting to share a common interests is a defining example of one of the two types of social groupings/human associations discovered by Tönnies. Here we are
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  • Spring '12
  • JenniferBruening
  • Gemeinschaft, common cultural practices, social groupings/human associations, Football Sunday food

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