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Globalization is a positive aspect of American sporting culture. We see in the articles today as well as the video in the article “On Spring Break, Cricket Gets Serious,” that people are experiencing other culture’s sporting events and becoming more aware of the infinite sports within our country as well as the world. Many international sports have been brought to the American melting pot of culture as well as cultural sports which has broadened many American’s horizons. In the video within the article of cricket, the people say how cricket has been around for 500 some-odd years and that it is primarily a club sport in the US. “By bringing it out of the American colleges, we bring it more mainstream," and then the person proceeds to compare the future popularity of this sport to be similar to college basketball and march madness. This sport originated from England centuries ago and is now having an up rise in popularity. In America, we not
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Unformatted text preview: only see a positive globalization with the sports our nation supports and funds, but we also see a positive increase with the interactions and co-playing between different cultured individuals. In the first article, “Polynesian Pipeline Feeds a Football Titan,” We see how individuals from the South Pacific travel to Texas to participate in their football team. “When you think of Texas high school football, you think of country kids, farm kids; you don’t expect to see players from the South Pacific.” This statement defines America. We see in NHL, NBA, NFL (and other main organizations) a major mixture of people from different cultures and backgrounds. Whether people from other countries like the Kingdom of Tonga come to play an American sport like football, or Americans play an English classic sport like Cricket; I only see positive benefits from the globalization of American Sporting Culture....
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