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January 12 - An individual's active/inactive body is the...

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An individual’s active/inactive body is the embodied expression of their personal will and manifestation of their socio-economic location. I feel like this is so true for the majority of our population. As we saw defined in the slides, “Social Class location plays a crucial role in determining/ shaping our life chances, experiences, and attitudes.” The key words “crucial role” and “shaping” is a response to today’s question in addition to the topic of Social Stratification within America. We see many examples in slides and in todays society regarding the physically fit’s personal, social, and economic life. In the first reading assignment “How Can Socio-Economic Differences in Physical Activity Among Women Be Explained? A Qualitative Study,” states factual information regarding how the social classes maintain their life style in terms of physical activity; “ those of low socio- economic status (SES) have repeatedly been shown to be less active in leisure time than
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