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January 17 - Overall I disagree with this statement I do...

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Overall, I disagree with this statement. I do not believe that sporting subcultures exist purely for those who lack the physical and mental abilities to succeed in mainstream organized sports. I think the answer to this question relates to America being a melting pot! This country is melded with so many different religions, cultures, and personalities that it would only make sense for their to be a sport for everyone (or not at all) depending on who the person is and what their particular interests are. Taking myself as an example, I only enjoy dance/yoga and that is basically it. There is no mainstream sport that I am interested in, participate in, or even follow… My subculture of choice would be dance and yoga. “Subcultures largely define their identity/sense of coherence and belonging through their ‘relationship of difference’ with mainstream culture. (Slides)” That basically says it all… We see in the statistics regarding my favorite activity to do in my home town (yoga) numbers and percentages referencing the popularity. 15.8 million
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