Week 2 Discussion Assignment -Karla Response

Week 2 Discussion Assignment -Karla Response - becoming...

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Karla: I agree completely with each of your strategies for managing interruptions. I too have been challenged by this particular issue so I understand the need to make it a priority for time management. Have you ever considered the proverbial preemptive strike as an additional strategy for managing the various disturbances in your daily workflow? Specifically, if you know something will become a major priority, perhaps by addressing the issue in advance of it
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Unformatted text preview: becoming mission critical for your serial interrupter, you may avert the impending interruption and as a result be able to maintain your continuous workflow? Reference: Levnow Self-help tools. (2010). Four Keys to Time Management Retrieved from http://www.levnow.com/Articles/keys_to_time_management.htm...
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