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Lesson2 StructureofanAircraftand AircraftTerminology BasicAircraftStructure CCN2299 IntroductiontoFlight Performance Ir Dr WM Tam 2017‐18(Sem 1)
i. Fuselage ii. Wings iii. Empennage or Tail iv. Power Plant v. Landing Gear MainAircraftComponents(FixedWingAircraft) 2 Fuselage Wing Empennage PowerPlant LandingGear Smallpropelleraircraft Largejetaircraft Fuselage Wing Empennage LandingGear PowerPlant
3 Propeller Landing Gear Wing Left Aileron Fuselage Empennage Nacelle Right Aileron Wing Horizontal Stabilizer Vertical Stabilizer Rudder Elevator SmallPropellerAircraftComponents(FixedWingAircraft)
4 LargeJetAircraftComponents(FixedWingAircraft)
i. Fuselage 5
Main body of airplane Designed to carry crews , passengers and cargo Airbus A380 Up to 853 passengers in economy class 544 passengers in 4-class Cargo aircraft - Boeing B747 can carry up to 140 metric tonnes cargo Provides space for controls , accessories and other equipment Includes numerous access doors , inspection plates , landing wheel wells , and other openings 6 Fuselage
The radome is the cover over the nose of the airplane Used to protect the radar antenna systems from the environment with minimal impact to electronic performance Streamlines the antenna system and reduces drag Material: fiberglass or composite material (Not interfere with the radar system) Lighting protection strips are used as attachment to an aircraft radome to provide protection against the effects of a lightning strike to the radome 7 Radome Lightingprotectionstrips Lightningstrike Radarantennasystems Radome