Week 6 Discussion Assignment – Redefining Your Management Strategy

Week 6 Discussion Assignment – Redefining Your Management Strategy

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Alan Lewis MMBA6501-5 Week 6 Discussion Assignment – Redefining Your Management Strategy Dr. Richard Bush: Bobic’s theory of management (theory Y is not always superior to theory X) and Blanchard’s (2008) Situational Leadership theory: “Effective leaders adapt their style according to the development level of the people they are managing” are two theories that appealed to me because I have seen both managers who fail miserably and managers who are extremely successful in my career and the success depends solely on how they respond is specific situations. My approach to management varies depending on the person and the situation involved. I would use these theories in tandem because effective leaders and managers should be able adjust their style to fit the current environment in which they are operating. If I just manage under the assumption the Theory X will always work it is likely I will eventually
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Unformatted text preview: miss an opportunity to improve my organization or appropriately direct my staff. Leadership theory can make you a better manager by helping you to recognize opportunities to lead and take full advantage of those situations in which clear leadership is needed. Management theory can make you a better leader by helping you to understand what actually motivates people, how to keep them motivated, gain their trust and buy-in. Understanding the difference between leadership and management will also help you to become both a better leader and manager because you will understand when you need to manage versus when you need to lead. References: Theories X and Y. (2003). Guide to Management Ideas, 225–226. Retrieved from the Business Source Complete database Blanchard, K. (2008). Situational leadership. Leadership Excellence, 25 (5), 19. Retrieved from the ProQuest Central database...
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