Week 7 Discussion Assignment – Acculturation Assessment Framework

Week 7 Discussion Assignment – Acculturation Assessment Framework

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Alan Lewis MMBA6501-5 Week 7 Discussion Assignment – Acculturation Assessment Framework Dr. Richard Bush: Using the MBA student as the foundation for my discussion; “culture shock” is something to which I can relate to completely. I went from a very urban middle school to a very “exclusive private high school and had a very similar experience. To be more culturally aware in the situation described I would endeavor to better understand my peers. I had a hard time relating to entitlement, and they had a hard time relating to me. Had I it to do over again, I would try harder to understand the pressure of a entitled world and try not to judge. As a manager one needs to understand the people that they are expected to manage. If the are cultural differences or barriers, they need to be addressed and if possible eliminated immediately. As a manger you must be direct and at the same time be tactful when attempting to glean information. You can ask how I can assist your success. You can ask
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Unformatted text preview: how we can as an organization better empower you. You cannot ask is language a barrier or does your ethnicity present a problem as relates to you ability to deal with others. In the U.S. we deal with age, race, gender and ethnic differences all of which can be deemed cultural. If you are culturally ignorant you are very likely to offend which in the end is likely to cost you business and /or clients in the long run. Intellectual traits can help mitigate risk in a virtual environment by improving the overall ability to communicate. Without building bridges for communication other operational interaction becomes moot. Elder, L., & Paul, R. (2008). Critical thinking: Concepts and tools. Dillon Beach, CA: Foundation for Critical Thinking. Molinsky, A. (2009). A situational approach for assessing and teaching acculturation. Journal of Management Education, 20 (10), 1–22. Retrieved from the SAGE Management and Organization Studies Full Text Collection database...
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