Week 7 Discussion Assignment – Managing with Integrity

Week 7 Discussion Assignment – Managing with Integrity

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Alan Lewis MMBA6501-5 Week 7 Discussion Assignment – Managing with Integrity Dr. Richard Bush: The steward-manager and the servant-leader are similar in that both help those with whom they interact. They both act on behalf of the interests of all as opposed to being motivated by self promotion. The steward-manager might not fare very well in the global environment. Specifically, a steward-manager will likely be able to get results but I think because those results depend in whole or at least in part on the their stewardship, those results will eventually be maxed out and growing levels of success will become increasingly more difficult to achieve. First, I would like to point out that there is a difference between morals and ethics. Morals are tantamount to personal beliefs and form what eventually defines ones character. Ethics, on the other hand, are rules or general conventions followed in a business environment in which morals are applied. Given the difference explained above, morals should not change for dealing with
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Unformatted text preview: different customers, clients, colleagues, or employees; however, ethics may be a bit more situational based. For example, in some cultures patents and copyrights are ignored and there is not ethical dilemma. Pirating software, DVDs, CDs, etc. is morally reprehensible to me, but the ethics vary depending on the culture. If I was operating in a culture that approved of pirating, I would attempt to maintain my integrity but also adhere to the ethical mores of the culture within which I am currently operating…If possible. References Martynov, A. (2009). Agents or stewards? Linking managerial behavior and moral development. Journal of Business Ethics, 90(2), 239–249. Molinsky, A. (2009). A situational approach for assessing and teaching acculturation. Journal of Management Education, 20 (10), 1–22. SanFacon, G., & Spears, L. (2010). Servant-leaders. Leadership Excellence, 27(2), 17....
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