Stat400Lec7(Ch2.5)_ans - Stat 400 ttrture ? Stot 400...

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Stat 400 ttrture ? Review(2.4) o Bernoulli distribution and its mean, variance. o Binomial distribution and its p.m.f., properties. o Cumulative distribution function and its properties. Stot 400 Ltrture 7 SprinA 2012 Binomial v.s. Hypergeometric distribution Example: A jar has N marbles, S of them are orange and N - S are blue. Suppose 3 marbles are selected. Find the probability that there are 2 orange marbles in the sample, o Geome@ive binomial distri- I o"'"' L *gr?lo*ut'-l -* l*X;X*; i {,P""fif 1'*rr;' btn'sTis )o ,? +*.,1 Wl:y"-.,k,,.c.tbtu4 if the selection is done . .. with replacement (a) N:10, S:+ (=fu^,t X *br ), r.P) s@_ os,ta) (c) N:1000, 5:400 without replacement t,t)(() ',^(=(@) ('il (w) ?o t toqcot.4,',r- nt'l-",! ,{ fh ".c{k l |,r ttr-+-( t!+ * -f+ta *o+++4 t + W qa-f*,*! _ t/.^rl1 t f+lt tw( tg.\) I^gr.,e- lcnr* 1-"-'f ".4, f 1|14L ry P ol40ta44<^-{22- Stat 4m lrcture 7 Geometric and Negative binomial distribution Example: Suppose that during practice, a basket ball player can make a free throw 80% of the time. Further- more, assume that a sequence offree throw shooting can be thought of as independent Bernoulli trials. o Let X1 equal the number of free throws that this player must attempt to make a total of L shot. What is the distribution of X1. & *&e,
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Stat400Lec7(Ch2.5)_ans - Stat 400 ttrture ? Stot 400...

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