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Darwinism Recitation Paper Week 1

Darwinism Recitation Paper Week 1 - Andra Stanley HPS 0437...

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Andra Stanley January 17 th , 2006 HPS 0437, Recitation Tuesday 3-3:50 Young, Chapter 2 During the 17 th century, naturalists were faced with the problem of classification, a means by which to group the growing number of species found in nature. This would provide the way in which the natural world would be viewed. Up until then, most, like Francis Bacon, saw the world from a human- centered point of view, with everything serving the purpose of man. This approach came to be rejected by the naturalists, who used structural featured to categorize organisms. This new classification was based on Aristotle’s method of logical division, which divided general classes into two or more special cases, creating a sort of ladder. Knowing the presence of natural groups in nature, naturalists made the classifications fit the groups. John Ray used reproduction to define different species, differentiating them from varieties from other locations.
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