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for the HP-UX Operating System Software version : NNM: 7.51, HP-UX: 11 December 2006 Enabling and Disabling NIAP Compliance Features This document gives an introduction to the changes made in Network Node Manager (NNM) to achieve National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) compliance. This document also provides the steps required to enable and disable the NIAP compliance features. These features are not enabled automatically and must be activated manually. Installation Notes The NIAP compliance is delivered in the Intermediate Patch 14: PATCHNAME: PHSS_35278 HP-UX 11 NIAP compliance is only supported on NNM 7.51 on HP-UX 11.11 operating systems with IP14 installed. Another prerequisite for NIAP compliance features to work is that the client web browsers must be running JPI 1.5. NIAP compliance features must not be activated on any other operating system or with client web browsers running JPI 1.4. After the patch is installed on the system, you must enable the NIAP compliance features explicitly. Note that the following NNM Smart Plug-ins (SPIs) are not tested for NIAP compliance: Network Node Manager SPI for Avaya IP Telephony Network Node Manager SPI for Cisco IPT Network Node Manager SPI for IP Multicast Network Node Manager SPI for LAN/WAN Edge Network Node Manager SPI for MPLS VPN If you enable or install any of these SPIs, then enabling the NIAP compliance features on NNM may result in unexpected behavior of NNM SPIs. 1
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Configure_NIAP_Compliant_Features - HP OpenView Network...

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