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AzamiLAB1 - What is the speed of the Ethernet LAN-100.0...

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Emal Azami LAB 1 CIS 222 TR 1-3pm What is the name of the network device (NIC) that has been installed? - Intel (R) 82567LM – 3 Gigabit Network Connection What IRQ is your NIC using? - Screenshot What components (local Area Connections Properties) are installed to support networking? - Screenshot TCP/IP properties “Obtain an IP address automatically” “use the following DNS server addresses”
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Unformatted text preview: What is the speed of the Ethernet LAN?-100.0 Mbps Are you successful?-Yes What is Penn’s IP address?- What is your IP address?- What command did you use to find this?-ipconfig (mines) ping penn (yours) What DNS service is running……. . DNS Server or Client?-DNS Client What DHCP Service is running…… DHCP Server or Client?-DHCP Client...
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  • Spring '12
  • Zales
  • IP address, Domain Name System, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, DNS server addresses, Gigabit Network Connection

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