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Windows CIS 127 Quiz Name ___Emal Azami________ Instructions: Complete each of the following by writing the correct word(s) on the line at the right. Use MAY use your notes, but NOT your textbook. FIRST – does your Insert key allow you to switch between inserting and overtyping text? If not, select the Office button (upper left corner); the Word Options button at the bottom; Advanced option in the left pane; and then select the Use the Insert key to control overtype mode option) The more precise your answers to #1, the better your grade: 1. C:\STUDYNOTES> XCOPY E:CIS127_*.DOCX /-Y /V a. What is the destination of the copied files? from C:\studynotes to_E:CIS127_.DOCX__a b. Which two XCOPY switches are ‘mutually exclusive’ and therefore cannot appear in the same command line? _____/- Y/V___b c. On the line(s) below, give a detailed explanation of what this command does:
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Unformatted text preview: /-Y - Confirm replacement of existing files /V - Verifies each file as it is written to the destination file pipes | appear inside brackets between two switches; chose only one (mutually exclusive); often appearing as ‘flat vertical colons’ on the keyboard it the key above the Enter key.________________________________________________________________________ 2. Name two situations where a System Restore point is generated automatically, or should be created by the user before proceeding. a. _Doing Registry to benefit or restrict the user usually calls for a System Restore to prevent real long term damages. Installing new hardware or software.________________________________ b. __If a person has installed a full system backup, it would make sense to make a system restore point.__________________________________________...
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