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Emal Azami ELEC 125 Chapter 1 Reviewing the Basic 1. computers run on transsiters 2. input, output, processing, storage 3. input - mouse, keyboard output - moniter, printer 4. power, method to communicate to CPU, software to control it 5. 8 bits = 1 byte 6. interface between any peripheral device and the motherboard or it can be itself a peripheral 7. CPU 8. Intel and AMD 9. eSATA, FireWire, USB 10. Front Side Bus, Host Bus 11. Sound Port 12. No Moving Parts 13.Data cables are IDE cables and power cables are series cable. 14. USB, Network, Sound Ports 15. HD External Sound to Reciever 16. DIMM 17. Volatile - temporary Non-Volatile - Permanetly data even when the power it taken away 18. RAM is faster and holds data being processed.
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Unformatted text preview: Hard Drive is slower but permant 19. Parallel ATA - EIDE - IDE 20. CPU is in Ghz and system is in Mhz which is slower 21. System nus, PCI bus, PCI-E bus 22. AC converts to DC 23. Flash ROM 24. CMOS Chip 25. CD-ROM, DVD, Floppy Drive 26.Hertz is 1 cycle per second Mhz is 1 million cycles per second Ghz is 1 Billion cycles per second 27. Video 28. 4 different slot sizes -Longest Size PCIe X16-Shortest Size PCIe X1 29. System BIOS- Manage simple devices Startup BIOS- Used to start computer BIOS Setup/CMOS setup- Change some setting on the motherboard 30.Trickle of electricity from small battery located on the motherboard/comuter case close to the firmware chip....
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azami_Chap_1_Review - Hard Drive is slower but permant 19....

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