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1. WinNT 2. 1 Gb ram, DirectX 9 128 mb video card 3. VMware Fusion 4. Manages hardware, runs application, provides and interface for users, stores, retrieves, and manipulates files. 5. Win7 6. User/ Kennel 7. 32 bits 8. X64 9. AMD64 10. EM64T 11. Win XP Professional x 64 Edition 12. Ultimate Edition 13. 4g RAM 14. Entries in the black column on the right side of the menu giveaccess to user files and OS utilities. 15.Start/ control panel/appearance and Personalization/ Windows Sidebar Properties 16. when Aero Interface is enabled. 17 .Alt+Tab flip view of applications Win+Tab moving from one application to another
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Unformatted text preview: 18. System Tray or Systray 19. File extensions: .exe, .txt, .avi, .doc etc. 20. This box appears each time a user attempts to perform an action that can be done only with administrative privileges. 21. Compressed folder with .zip extension 22. The folder name is the user account name and the folder is created under the %SystemDrive%\Users folder, for example, C:\Users\Jane. 23. hidden file (H), read-only(R), archive file (A), index file (which is only in vista), System file (s) 24. Right-click on the file and select Properties. 25. Msinfo32.exe...
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