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Rakotoarimanana Jean Maurice Article 02 (Chip Design Hardwares Security) Discussion Questions: Computers security is a daily battle, and security experts are working hard to find a best way to fight against hackers, and keep data and information safe. Researchers at Princeton University developed a new chip-architecture, with a better security. The main core of this chip is the two elements embedded in the device hardware: 1-The storage key, which function like a master key that enables to secure files. 2-Storage root hash, acts like an alarm system to make sure that the contents of the safe haven’t been tempered, and if it is compromised, the data is erased or marked suspicious. This chip can be useful at the hospital, because EMT can get temporarily the patients information in an emergency, and will be able to patient a proper treatment. Even though this new chip seems to be practical and well secured, privacy advocate have some concerns about it.
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